Fun Myths And Facts About Cockroaches

Believe it or not, cockroaches have been around for 200 billion years. The truth of the matter is, these particular insects have learned to survive through all sorts of catastrophes and weather. In spite of what rumors talk about, there are a few facts and myths that are interesting about these critters.

For instance, cockroaches cause allergies. Consequently, this is a true statement. Primarily, the insect will eat anything that is immobile. For that reason, they develop diseases and allergies.

Through researching cockroaches, scientist suggest that only females have orange blood whereas the males have no blood. Uniquely, these insects do not rely on any source of air to live. In some cases, there have been rumors that cockroaches can survive without their heads. According to science, that’s partly true, because they can still move for a week (2018). Contact us for pest control Alexandria LA.

Subsequently, they can eat anything to live and never have to worry about any issues. Generally speaking, cockroaches love beer because of the high sugar contents. In other words, if you leave your beer unattended, they will join in to have a cool time with the ants. Of course, the fact still remains that cockroaches produce an odor whenever they eat too much fiber. Luckily, they can hold their breath for 40 minutes (2018).

In conclusion, cockroaches are interesting critters that missed the dinosaurs by 250 million years. With that said, there’s no evidence that they will ever become extinct. Henceforth, people have to remember that critters will take over unattended food and drinks. Uniquely, this beer drinking insect is included in the bunch.

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